Peaky Blinders seizoen 3 vanaf vandaag op Netflix!

Allroyt lads, Thomas Shelby an’ his brothers am back fer sum fresh episodes on Netflix. The well dressed, but less mannered blokes wull be on yaw screen fer six epic episodes. The fust episode wull open on Tommy’s wedden doy.

Creator Steven Knoight is pretty confident abart the season they’ve produced. So knoo it’s up ter us ter decide!

“I’m genuinely thrilled at the prospect of season tewthree. I fink it wull be the bostin’ yet,” ee said. “Lots of things familiar, but lots of things am noo,” ee said. “It’s still a Burminum story an’ it always wull be. Noo, it ‘as international consequences. I can’t wait ter see it muself.”

Wat hij zegt!