Instagram Inspiration Guide #85

Instagram is een plek waar je je door zou moeten laten inspireren. Toffe fotografen, creatievelingen, mooie auto’s, mooie mensen, een tof interieur. Tel daar de tofste updates van je vrienden bij op en je duim krijgt al spierpijn bij de gedachte van het openen van de app.

True, het is zonde om er uren aan te besteden, dus des te meer reden om je feed op orde te hebben. Dit zijn volgens ons de must-follows van dít moment:

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Messy bun🐚 @andi_bagus #westhousediary

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Reflect, Reframe. For more than a week I spent everyday from dusk to dawn preparing for a lecture on wildlife conservation and my approach to photography that I just delivered in Bern, Switzerland this past Friday. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Who am I? In my attempt to answer such a question during my talk, I also included the audience. … who are “we”? And more specifically… “Where are we now?” Because how else can we improve and strive to reach our goals if we don’t actually know where we are in the first place? As a final exercise, we compared the current state of our world to a world that might seem somewhat out of reach. Current world: It’s a world where 7.5 billion people continue to desire, consume, and disregard resources, putting at risk not only the survival of countless defenseless species, but the biological stability of the entire planet, and our own well-being. It’s a world where ignorance of cries for help and calls to action on how to save ourselves is commonplace, and passive appreciation for nature is widely accepted. What if instead we lived in a world where the majority of those 7.5 billion people began to feel the importance of wildlife, despite living so far away from it. And because of a newfound emotional connection, they became active in their appreciation for nature by reversing destructive habits… A world of biological abundance, full of prosperity for all species, including us. Well, maybe it sounds too good to be true? Like a fairytale… like a dream? We can all live in this kind of world. If we as photographers and visual advocates continue to push the boundaries of our craft by looking inward and incorporating our own perceptions of reality, our emotions, and connections with nature into the work we publish, perhaps we can begin to relate more profoundly with our audiences. And if we can relate more often and more significantly, then the world might just empathize. And through true worldwide empathy, the cries for help by those who can’t speak, can finally be answered. A very special thanks to @foto_zumstein for the opportunity! And @wildlicht for being a legendary organizer & friend

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