Instagram Inspiration Guide #79

Laat je inspireren door de tofste Instagrammers van dit moment. In de Instagram Inspiration Guide lichten we de beste fotografen, editors, dames en stijlvolle heren uit, die jouw ‘follow’ compleet waard zijn.

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Baik baik motorbike

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Tattoos are my silent expression.. Give me 30 seconds PLEASE.. read You can fucking escape I promise you.. 💗 the more my mind opens and the more I break my ego the more this world becomes exciting again.. I realized that regardless your ethnicity or skin color or country of origin you don’t really have an identity underneath your ego and self perception.. Listen I FUCKING challenge you.. You never have to be who your parents want you to be or your country wants you to be. You can choose your identity and create yourself however you want.. You realize that when you look inside yourself there’s no obvious you.. Just an observation point of consciousness. The same as every other human. Nothing is 100% sure in this life.. Religion is an interesting story but at base is still just faith in a human designed story. Science and Physics explains how things work but still has no idea the origins of why anything is here in the first place.. Nothing is solid for sure in our existence the only one fact is that we are concision of this experience.. Maybe this sounds scary but think about it in a new light.. If nothing is certain it means you are free to craft this world with your own imagination.. Understanding life this way makes life fun again like you have a child’s eyes.. Your only true origins is that you are created from this universe.. Think about that.. why the FUCK did the universe make conscious life (you) just to be aware of its self (universe) ? This isn’t some hippy ass almond lattè drinking yoga LA talk.. Wake the fuck up.. everything in this universe is written in interconnected code.. Nature loves courage.. Go against everything you ever have been taught, Fuck the low frequency system.. It’s impossible that you don’t have purpose.. Doubt, stress, judgment, negativity, hate is all low level conscious.. don’t conform to this weakness.. Escape it. Remember you are •

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🌿 #plantsindecor

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