Instagram Inspiration Guide #49

Het feit dat jij geklikt hebt op Instagram Inspiration Guide #49 wil zeggen dat je iemand bent die zijn prioriteiten een rijtje heeft. Je Instagram game on point is key. Als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel. We helpen je een handje…

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Great match today!!

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In Morocco the sheer wildness will rip you out of your thoughts and into the world around you. Cobra’s dance, prayers bless the city, and camels do what camels do. Everything is alive, every sight is alien to me. Our local guide @saadabidofficiel took us on a journey through the elements. Desert sands quickly whipped through the air, then snow, then salt. From the oceans to the Atlas Mountains. We were struck by the views, the sounds, the feelings, and the fire burning bright within the hearts of the people. For a moment we were nomads of Africa. It was the kind of journey that has deeply rooted itself into my core being. πŸͺβœ¨πŸŒ€ Now, let my travel companion @captain_potter and I take you on this journey. Full video live on my bio link πŸ€™πŸΌ

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This is it: the first nude yoga photo (that I know of) to be posted on Instagram. Ever. And it's of me, my photo. It was over 4 years ago. Many of you are sending me the recent article featured in @cosmopolitan about a certain yoga woman and how she's pioneering positive attitudes about women's bodies, self love and acceptance. I'm thrilled that she got so many accolades and is spreading empowerment about women. I don't like to boast or brag. So I quietly sit back and watch happenings around. I was also the one who started #handstand365 to bring playfulness into people's lives. It led to my first international tour where I taught handstands to thousands of people. Today over a quarter million of you have tagged #handstand365 and dozens of other yogagramers have copied my challenge. I don't care. This is about love. About community about collaboration. So to all of you who are sending me articles saying "you need to get featured by her" or "oh my god look who's pioneering nude yoga." I know. I was her predecessor. And I think she's great. A real artist. Years ago someone suggested I feature exclusively nude photos on my Instagram feed and I declined. I replied, "my Instagram is real. It's a look at my real life. It's about travel and yoga and love and empowerment and adventure. So I don't want to pigeonhole myself to just one style of photo. Besides then it wouldn't be honest for me." There's enough room out there for all of us. I'm fully updated on what's trending right now in this bonkers social media world. #truthisout P.S. I also wrote a piece on this that was published on @elephantjournal 3 years ago and it was very edited so I also posted the personal rendition in my blog. Link in bio.

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#heyadenbosch #maldives #bestofbothworlds #joking

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